Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ~ Eleanor Randall and Monica Gambee host a Jackson Pollock Inspired Paint Party for hospital patients

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October 6, 2016, is a day that will not be forgotten for many patients and their families at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. What seemed like an ordinary day, turned into a day of fun, laughter and non-stop smiles for patients as they were given the opportunity to be a kid despite their current medical conditions.

Just weeks before this special day, Eleanor Randall and her good friend, Monica Gambee, offered to host a Jackson Pollock-inspired paint party for kids and Eleanor knew that CHLA would be just the place. They thought this would bring joy to the young patients at CHLA, but what they didn’t expect is how much joy they would receive in return.

The morning of the party, the canvas was rolled out on the hospital patio, the paint distributed and the Child Life and Expressive Arts Therapy staff alongside Eleanor and Monica, prepared to brighten the lives of children whose days might otherwise be filled with appointments, tests and treatments.

As the children picked up their brushes and dipped them in paint, their expressions went from curious, to wonderment to pure delight as they were able to let go of everything else for this one moment and participate in an art experience like none-other. When each canvas was laid, kids waited in anticipation for the “1-2-3-GO!” At the ring of “go” (and often before), paint began flying through the air covering the canvas to create a unique piece of art. There was excitement, anticipation and laughter in the process, as children from toddlers to teens created masterpieces.

Eleanor and Monica left the hospital this day with full hearts. Not only for what they had experienced at “The Paint Party,” but for how CHLA was meeting the needs of these young patients through the Expressive Arts and Therapies Program. They received a behind the scenes tour, learning that at CHLA the treatment methods extend beyond medicine. They saw how clinical and non-clinical therapies are incorporated to enhance the care provided to young patients and improve their healing process. Learning that this program is funded only through philanthropy, Eleanor and Monica thought “What Next?”

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After the canvases were framed to showcase the masterpieces, they knew what the “next” was. Eleanor and Monica invite  others to “come and see” not only the beautiful pieces of art, but to learn about the impact that could be made through additional funding for the Expressive Arts and Therapies Program. A night of hors d oeuvres, drinks and art created by the children showcased like a fine art gallery at the Randall home, not only spread awareness for CHLA but also raised over $400,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. These special pieces were an expression of joy and excitement and will now bring hope and healing to the patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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