The Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Center is offering exceptional care that is saving lives!

“I’m so glad the Randalls invested in this”

Thank you again for your generous gifts towards the Huntington Hospital, including your endowment contribution toward breast care here. The above quote, from cancer survivor Michele Thompson, underscores the importance of your gift for our patients: For women like Michele, screening and early diagnosis at the Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Center is quite literally lifesaving.

We are pleased to provide the following update regarding the breast center’s work.

Exceptional Breast Health Services

Women throughout our region rely on the Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Center for a wide array of breast health services. Through your endowment gift, you are helping our seasoned medical professionals deliver expert care, using advanced technology, in state-of-the-art facilities. In 2019, our breast cancer center team performed almost 40,000 mammograms (27,855 screenings and 11,168 diagnostic procedures. A total of 507 women were diagnosed with breast cancer here, over the course of the year, and referred for high-quality treatment.

The breast center’s imaging services are an essential part of care for women across our region. Early diagnosis continues to represent one of the most important contributors to recovery and survivorship.

Advanced Technology

One thing that sets the Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Cancer Center apart is our use of leading-edge mammogram technology. As you know, our tomosynthesis equipment provides for the most accurate possible readings and is especially important for women with dense breast tissue. Tomosynthesis is more effective in detecting evasive cancers — and results in fewer false alarms. It also reduces the number of follow-up visits needed to confirm findings, resulting in less stress and greater comfort and convenience for patients.

Your leadership support to date has allowed us to purchase three tomosynthesis machines, as well as to remodel space within the center to accommodate them. Since 2017, when we first began practicing tomosynthesis, our staff members have performed 9,315 of these advanced mammograms. One of the tomosynthesis machines includes an upgrade that allows us to provide 3D-guided breast biopsies as needed. Since acquiring this system in 2018, we have used it to perform 558 biopsies.

After a routine mammogram at the Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Center, Michele Thompson was asked to return for additional screening. Our clinicians had identified and a suspicious anomaly and wanted to review further, using tomosynthesis. Even though there was no noticeable lump or other obvious signs of cancer, this advanced technology was able to identify the small anomaly. Michele had cancerous tissue in her breast. Because the tomosynthesis technology was able to identify Michele’s cancer at an early stage, she could be treated via lumpectomy — Avoiding more radical surgery. She then underwent a course of radiation treatment and is today, cancer-free.

New Investments

We are pleased to announce that your endowment support is now allowing us to purchase a forth, critically needed tomosynthesis machine. Endowment proceeds will also this year cover the cost of the facility modifications needed to accommodate this equipment. The new equipment will bring special benefits to women who have a breast abnormality that requires surgical biopsy: With it, our radiology team will be able to provide wire localization, which involves inserting a thin, thread-like wire into the affected area of the breast, marking the lesion for the surgeon.

Additionally, the income generated through your endowment is helping us to acquire another piece of essential equipment this year: Specifically we will be replacing an existing, aging Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scanner. This technology is used to measure bone density, quickly and accurately. Information from the DEXA scan is vital: Patients at the age recommended for mammograms are also at a risk of developing osteoporosis and earlier intervention helps prevent bone fractures. Women who have experienced breast cancer are at a higher risk for osteoporosis and fracture. Those with high bone density, on the other hand, are at a higher risk for breast cancer and identification of this condition (osteoporosis) provides an opportunity for earlier intervention and prevention.

“We need people like the Randalls. We’re so glad they’re there for the center and invest in this equipment. Having an early diagnosis and being taken care of quicker is always good.”
– Greg Thompson, Michele’s husband

With your generous support, the Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Cancer Center offers exceptional care that is saving lives. Michele and Greg also underscored how much they valued the center’s world-class nurse navigation services, as well as the many supportive services — From psychology to acupuncture, yoga, and more — That are available here. Thank you for all that you do to support the center — And the breast health of women in our region. We remain deeply grateful for your thoughtful partnership in our work.


Jane Haderlien
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy and Public Relations